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Camlann Games Pastaspace Interactive
Action Adventure Indie RPG


Face thunderous monsters, join up with devious pirates, loot ancient star cities, and make your mark on a galaxy of storms and secrets in this open world lovecraftian spacefighter RPG! Explore a vast handmade universe full of quests, bosses, and loot. Includes online multiplayer and mod support.Inspired by classic space games, Underspace is an open-world space arcade dogfighting game, where every star system is crafted by hand, and every star system has something to see or do. Jump into the bizarre galaxy of Croft, step into the role you want, and thrive alone or online with friends. But beware! The storms rule the stars.Be a miner picking through crystallized bones of ancient star beasts, a trader hauling artifacts to far-flung outposts, a pirate robbing spacetrains, an explorer combing through lost stellar cities, or a hunter chasing down unknowable monstrosities that spew forth from the storms. Brave violent weather, eldritch beasts, and the terrors of the unknown as you make your mark in the universe.The galaxy is not a safe, sane place. Hyperspatial tempests sweep through space, distorting star systems and spewing forth strange hazards, even stranger monstrosities, and incredible treasures. Traverse 70 handcrafted star systems, any of which could fall victim to foul weather.Strike out into the starry unknown, and comb through ancient starcities, warped graveyards, or fields of lost wormholes. The galaxy is filled with unique adventures and puzzles waiting for a starchaser to discover and rob them.Away from the highways and deep in the most remote parts of space lie hidden challenges. you'll face off against world-eating serpents, possessed battleships, and living minefields. End the lives of over 20 unique bosses, either by yourself or online with friends.Fly, paint, and customize over 60 different ships. Outfit yourself with over 150 pieces of equipment. Choose your race, build your character, and try not to get eaten by a ghost train.Even in the face of the great storms, life goes on. Befriend or befuddle over 40 different factions, all with their own alliances, goals, and preferences. Pursue random assignments, or discover hidden stories and questionable motives in over 30 unique sidequests.Strip asteroids of their precious resources, fabricate technology to sell and utilize. Ship over 50 different types of cargo to 150 stations, or pirate it off the imbeciles who stray into your territory. From dashing hero to dastardly hellpriest, solo to multiplayer, experience the galaxy the way you want.

System requirements

Minimum: OS *: Windows 7 Processor: 2Ghz Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: GPU that supports DirectX 10.0 or higher. DirectX: Version 10 Storage: 10 GB available space


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