Another Crab’s Treasure: A Soulslike Odyssey

A crab on a mission to reclaim his lost shell in a sprawling, polluted ocean

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to the depths of Another Crab’s Treasure, the latest offering from Aggro Crab! If you’ve been craving an immersive soulslike experience with a twist of underwater exploration, then prepare to be captivated by Kril’s journey.

The Journey Begins

In Another Crab’s Treasure, you embody Kril, a crab on a mission to reclaim his lost shell in a sprawling, polluted ocean. But this isn’t your typical crustacean adventure. Oh no, this is a soulslike odyssey where every step is fraught with peril and discovery.

Shell-Shocking Gameplay

As Kril, you’ll navigate a world where discarded trash becomes your greatest asset. From rusty cans to chipped bottles, every piece of debris serves as armor, weaponry, or currency. Engage in deliberate, slow-paced combat reminiscent of the Souls series, where timing and strategy are paramount to survival.

Discover the Depths

Explore a mesmerizing underwater world teeming with life and danger. From vibrant coral reefs to ominous deep-sea trenches, every environment tells a story and holds secrets waiting to be uncovered. Will you brave the unknown depths and unravel the mysteries lurking beneath the waves?

Trash or Treasure?

In Kril’s world, trash isn’t just trash—it’s a way of life. But with trash comes a sinister threat known as the Gunk, a mysterious infection that threatens to engulf the ocean in darkness. Can you navigate this treacherous landscape and uncover the truth behind the Gunk’s origins?


Have you played Another Crab’s Treasure? What are your thoughts?

We’d love to hear from fellow adventurers who have braved the depths of Another Crab’s Treasure! Share your experiences, triumphs, and challenges with us in the comments below.

Is Another Crab’s Treasure suitable for players new to soulslike games?

Absolutely! Another Crab’s Treasure is designed to cater to both newcomers and seasoned veterans of the genre. With assist options available for those seeking a more accessible experience, there’s something for everyone in Kril’s underwater odyssey.

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